The Science of Skin Care

Some skin care products work by coating the skin with a layer of oils, waxes, silicone or petroleum gel which helps prevent the loss of moisture already present in your skin.
Unfortunately, for some people, occupational situations or medical conditions cause their skin to be so depleted of moisture that simply retaining existing moisture may not be sufficient.
To restore your skin to a smooth and healthy look, moisture has to be replenished deep in to the skins layers. Use Advanced Care Products creams and lotions to penetrate and actively restore moisture to your skin.

Deep Moisturising UREA - Nature’s Own Skin Moisturiser

Urea is an important part of your skin’s natural moisturising system.

The body uses manufactured urea in much the same way as the urea naturally found in the skin. Scientists call it a true “humectant” because it is an important component of the body’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). Urea causes hard dry skin cells to "unpack" and expose their water binding sites, thus enabling the cell to absorb and retain additional moisture. This action is also known as hydrotopic solubilisation and several independent clinical investigations and studies prove that it works.

It’s a little like taking the plastic wrapper off a sponge so it can absorb better!
Unfortunately, urea on its own does not feel like a good moisturizing lotion. It actually leaves the skin feeling dry to the touch. This is what makes Advanced Care Products creams and lotions an effective formula. The pharmacists and scientists who developed these products use a special stabilised urea formulation that is balanced and blended with other moisturising ingredients including pure silk proteins and alpha hydroxy acids. The results are efficacious moisturizing formulations that actively replenish moisture deep in to the skins layers and leave the skin looking silky smooth and feeling wonderful.

Benefits of Healthy Skin
The skin is the largest human organ and it plays a vital role as the body’s first line of defence against infection and other harsh elements.
Even small breaks in dry skin are entry points that can lead to bacterial and viral infections.
Dry skin conditions are often associated with microangiopathy (when the blood vessels can't get an adequate supply of nutrients to the skin cells) This impairs skin hydration and prolongs the healing process.
Moisturised, intact skin is your body’s best defence against bacteria and viruses because it is a naturally occlusive barrier that keeps moisture in and infectious agents out. Taking proper care of your skin just makes good sense.

Why these creams and lotions work
Advanced Care Products moisturisers are not just beauty products. They are clinically proven formulations that actively restore moisture even to extremely dry skin.
These formulations contain the appropriate concentrations of the elements similar to those naturally found in healthy skin. These include: urea, silk amino acids and alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic and malic acid) Unlike other urea formulations, we do not need to add fragrances to mask odours.
A clinical test with increased Alpha-hydroxy acids has shown them to be very effective moisturisers with improved hydration of the stratum corneum ((outermost layer of skin) when compared to urea formulations without this ingredient combination.
The lactic acid (alpha-hydroxy acid) stimulates the skin's production of collagen, a process that improves the growth of new basal cells (skin cells) that rebuild a naturally occlusive, protective skin barrier. Enhancement of the skin's natural barrier is important to keep moisture in and infectious agent out. This new skin growth replaces old dry cells through exfoliation so the skin feels very smooth and elastic. The creams and lotions contain both lactic and malic acids, to improve the exfoliation of the dead skin cells. The amino acid derived from pure silk protein restores the skin tone and lustre to give the skin a wonderful silky, smooth, non greasy feel.

Natural and Non-toxic
Because the main ingredients are similar to those naturally found in healthy skin, these creams and lotions are non-toxic and extremely safe to use. These formulations have been evaluated by leading toxicologists and found very safe for human use. The main ingredient, urea, is found in everybody cell. Even people undergoing dialysis can safely use them for years. Urea brings water into the skin structure and then leaves the body unchanged. This is why it is both so useful and non-irritating.
Different parts of your body have special skin care needs. That’s why we offer such a complete line of products. Higher concentrations of urea penetrate thicker skin better. For example, the Heel Care formula can penetrate the thick, calloused skin on the feet whilst Face Care has a gentle balance of moisturisers and emollients to soothe delicate facial skin. Using Heel Care on thinner skin found on the palm of the hand will make the skin feel clammy because it will be trying to hold more moisture than that skin thickness can use.